Benefits on death

The Plan or your chosen annuity provider can provide valuable benefits to your dependents on your death.

Death after retirement

Plan Pension: Your surviving spouse will receive a pension of 50% of the amount in payment. See the Pension Increases section to see how the pension will increase each year.

A surviving spouse may include husband, wife, civil partner, same sex married partner, or any person in the opinion of the Trustee who is financially dependent on you.

Death benefit lump sum: Your beneficiaries will receive any outstanding balance from the first 5 years’ pension instalments, ignoring future pension increases.

Annuity purchased at retirement: If you purchased an annuity at retirement with Core or Non-Core funds, the benefits payable to your spouse or beneficiaries will depend on the options selected at retirement with your chosen provider.

Expression of Wish form

Recipients of the death benefit lump sum are determined at the discretion of the Trustee, after considering the member's Expression of Wish form.

Using the member self-service portal Bwebstream you can update your Expression of Wish form – please ensure this is kept up-to-date so the Trustee can identify your beneficiaries.